I've only gone to chains and studios in the past. How is a Turtle Street shoot different?

Selecting the perfect location that is convenient for you, styling you so that you look your best, taking as long as needed to get the shots, and retouching each photo and presenting you with the best options are part of every session (and are included in the session fee). We call this "modern lifestyle portraiture" - it is totally customized to YOU from start to finish! Also, we're not gonna do lame poses or bring a bunch of stuff that doesn't belong to you. So there's that too.


How much can I expect to spend?

Depending on the type of sessions selected and which products are purchased, most clients spend $500-900 on their custom portrait session. While we know not everyone can afford lifestyle photography, we pride ourselves on offering options to fit a wide range of budgets, including affordable desk prints, discounted digital packages, and seasonal mini sessions.


Where should we hold the session?

On-location portraiture is what we do, and we pride ourselves on finding the coolest locations ... whether you want urban or scenic, close to home or far away, we have TONS of ideas about great places to take photos in Metro Detroit.


When should I schedule my session?

To provide you with the highest quality possible, we only book one-two sessions per week. We recommend scheduling at least one month in advance to get your desired time frame. Spots fill quickly! We are available for shoots on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.


When should I schedule a newborn or maternity session?

For maternity, we recommend scheduling between 30 and 36 weeks - we want your belly to be big, but we also want you to be comfortable!

For newborns, we’ll schedule the session about a week after your due date, and we can always move if needed. It’s best to schedule newborn sessions within the first week or two of life, when they’re all sleepy and squishy, but we know how stressful that time is – and we can get great shots at any age! Be sure to contact us BEFORE your baby is born, so you can get on our schedule. We can always re-arrange if baby comes early or late!


How the heck did you come up with the name “Turtle Street”?

It’s a long story, but here goes! When our son was in utero, our nickname for him was “Tortuga,” which is Spanish for turtle - he looked like a little turtle in his eight-week ultrasound picture! Then he came out, and WOW. He is the opposite of slow, a total wild man. Nothing at all like his nickname, and like all new parents, we were in shock because we had no idea what to expect, or the extent to which parenthood would bring joy, beauty and unexpected moments into our lives.


We started exploring the idea of doing professional photography when he was a couple months old, and so the name just came to us; it is a tribute to the beauty of the unexpected not only in our lives, but in yours, too … and those beautiful, unexpected moments are what we want to capture.